rainy monday...

Hello everyone, how was your weekend? It's a gloomy, rainy Monday here today, and there's a certain heavy quietness all around. It's a little odd, and has me wanting to curl up with a cozy blanket, a good book, and endless cups of tea...

We had yoga today though, which always does some good no matter what mood your in. It was difficult at times though, making me vow to never stop practicing for more than a few weeks in between class "seasons" again. I feel like i'm learning all over again! With all the bad posture and leaning over desk computers all day everyday, it's no wonder how our bodies can revert back to that awful tension so quickly (at least mine anyway). Definitely glad to be back in yoga again...

Photo: By Charlotte Bland on Flickr


  1. I found this blog through your former blog a few days ago and was absolutely in love! Your photos are enchanting and your posts are compelling . I'm looking forward to following it!

    Today was rainy where I live (Southern Illinois), too. I can relate to snuggling in with tea. My husband and I purchased new couches this weekend that we're enjoying breaking in with the gloomy days (which I happen to adore).

    I'm terrible at getting regular exercise. I'm glad you're jumping back into a good regimen!

  2. What a wonderful blog! It's rainy and nasty here in Nashville, too. Wish I could sleep in for hours in the morning...but off to work!

  3. It's been so dark and rainy here too! And what's strange is that I was JUST thinking how badly I needed to get back into yoga...

  4. Heroette - Glad you dropped by! A comfy couch is definitely needed for rainy days! lol...

    Kendall - I know, rainy days are just meant for sleeping in, lol... but work awaits!

    Andi - Too funny! I think yoga shares that calming effect when it's rainy out. You should start it up again though!

  5. I hope today is sunny. :) Hope you have a wonderful week, Daniella. :)

  6. While Toronto is getting cooler the temperatures are warming up here in San Francisco. We're finally getting summer weather.

    Have a lovely week. xx

  7. It's not just you, darling. It is so easy to lose our form and function when we forget to practice for just a little while. Thankfully, though. We can always learn again. :)