giving in to fall...

Hello everyone! Hope your weekend went well, and your Monday as smoothly as possible. Today was a great beginning to the week, having started up yoga again. Our noon hour class left me feeling calm and content all afternoon. It's amazing what a little yoga can do for your day. I'm so glad we're back at it again.

With just a few weeks left until the official first day of Fall (September 22nd), i'm starting to feel like it's already here. The early days when it's still quite warm out and you can get away with just boots, jeans and a light sweater, are really the best days. It's that even temperature where it's not too hot, and not too cold, that I love best.

So when I came across this delicious looking Apple Butter recipe, I just knew it's time to give in. Apple butter is basically a reduction of cooked apples until it reaches a smooth, "compote"-like state. It can be used on things like toast with a little cinnamon, or plain on thick french bread, and even in stir-fry recipes. With a slow cooker, plenty of apples, and a few other key ingredients (no sugar!), you can make a whole batch overnight. I'm going to give it a go in the next week and see how it turns out...

Photo & recipe: The Seasonal Family


  1. That looks lovely! I can imagine it on sultana muffins, hot from the oven.

    Andrea x

  2. I LOVE apple butter. It's best on a hot biscuit. Yum. My grandmother makes the best apple butter ever.

  3. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I absolutely LOVE when someone else finds the food as exciting to make (and eat!) as I do :D Hope you have a fabulous fall! Kristin

  4. Andrea - Ohhh it'd be great on muffins!

    Miz. November - Mmmm, that reminds me of a cheddar and apple biscuit I came across this past weekend, wishing I picked one up!

    Seasonal Family - Thank YOU for the great looking recipe, I can't wait to try it out!

  5. These are the most beautiful days of autumn, not too warm, but not too cold, so lovely to welcome a cozy sweater in the chilly mornings and evenings. And that apple butter looks so delicious. It must be even more delicious with a little cinnamon on toast. xo