creative wandering...

Back again after a great long weekend. It's always nice to have an extra day off... kind of wishing it was a holiday week too. September sure moved in with a chill though, with the temperature suddenly dropping and grey skies overhead, but i'm sure it'll warm up again soon.

On the weekend I was thinking about how Fall always seems to be a great time to try out new little creative side projects (something about spending a cozy time indoors). I think it's just some sort of creative-type-restlessness though. Do you remember pressing flowers when you were little? I had the "official" kit when I was younger, but i'd love to try it out again with some of the last of Summer's flowers. There's something a little "English" and romantic about it. Like the prettiest of bookmarks just waiting to be discovered in the book above – 100 years old and the new owner found them tucked inside! Now that's something you can't do with your Kindle...

Do you ever find your creative side wandering?

Photo: By rabbitrabbit002


  1. I did this all the time at my cottage when I was younger. There are probably still magazines full of them that we forgot about, just waiting to be found.

  2. I press tons of four leaf clovers and rose petals from bouquets. Like you said, it's fun to run across them later. Let's cross our fingers that the printed word never goes away completely in favor of tech. There are so many things about the tangible nature of books and magazines that can't be replaced.