casual weekend...

Happy weekend everyone... i'm planning on taking things slowly, with some major sleeping in tomorrow and a lazy breakfast with a cup of tea and a good book. I have a birthday party Saturday evening where i'm taking pictures, and then it's whatever goes for the rest of the weekend! I'm really hoping Rick and I will be able to make it to the local fair though. It happens every Labour Day weekend in a nearby town, and I haven't been in years. I think we're due for a ferris wheel ride! What are your Labour Day plans?


  1. I'm taking it easy too. I plan to finally finish the September Issue of Vogue!

  2. School supplies shopping, followed by a trip to Magnolia Bakery :D

  3. a ferris wheel sounds perfect. happy weekend!

  4. Oh my goodness, those Madeline envelopes are too much! I was so sad to discover that they are all sold out... hope that more are available soon :) As for this weekend, this is the first weekend I've had completely off in... well, actually, I do not know when I've had an entire long weekend off! The store is closed and the new one is opening soon. Feels so weird not to be there, truly, but I am enjoying this free time! I actually went on a long bike ride and explored a whole new-to-me area... did some shopping, very leisurely.

    Hope you are having a great day, too, Daniella, sounds like it!

    xx, Sarah