back to basics...

Along with starting up a new blog for a fresh perspective, I had also wanted to start making some healthier changes in my daily life. Too much to do and too little sleep has gotten in the way the past few months, but now with a relatively free weekend i'm looking forward to detoxing from it all a little. Now, I don't mean detox as in 1-cup-of-juice-for-breakfast-lunch-and-dinner-craziness, but just avoiding the bad stuff, and stocking up on the good! Hoping to avoid all processed foods, sugar, and dairy when possible and stocking up on veggies, fruit, and whole grains again. Drinking lots of water is definitely a must and heading to bed much, much earlier as well. It's definitely needed. Tomorrow, I clean out the pantry and fridge!

Hope you all have a great weekend, and as always, here's a few weekend links...

Becoming Gwyneth... (I wonder if she's read this?)

Photo: Scan from Whole Living Magazine Jan/Feb, by Raymond Hom


  1. The fresh perspective, clean eating and early night sleeping sounds like the perfect pick-me-up, you've inspired me to banish the biscuits and reach for the herbal tea!...love the new blog too! x Sarah x

  2. Oh I think I swear this to myself every other day. Why are the good things so hard?? Hope the detox is going well!

  3. Fearing I will be sharing a little more than you care to know, I will let you know I ended up in the Hospital last year with STRESS... Subsequently I have changed my job, keept my husband ;), blogged less, taken more time for me, and... started to eat better!!!
    So I say go for it, it makes a HUGE difference, I promise :)

  4. There's nothing quite so satisfying as eating a meal prepared with fresh fruits and vegetables. I'm sure my hubby's exhausted with fresh Indian curry because I've brewed up three different kinds in the past week just trying to get my veggie fill!

    I've never done a detox before. What does the one you're trying entail?