This upcoming Monday i'm finally getting back to a regular yoga class! My absolute favourite yoga teacher is coming back to where I work for two classes a week during the lunch hour. It's such a nice break from the busy day and the results are wonderful. I can't wait!

Have you ever heard of antigravity yoga though? I first heard of it from Rick's sister who said it was a little too crazy for her, being wound up in cocoon-like state, but after seeing this video over on Lululemon I have to admit i'm intrigued. There's something about floating seamlessly through the air while stretching that seems like it would be totally relaxing (and fun!).

What do you think? Have you you tried antigravity yoga before?

Video: Lululemon


  1. I've never heard of antigravity yoga. It does look kind of cool. I think it'd take a while to get comfortable with it, but it looks like it'd actually be relaxing once you got the hang of it!

  2. Stephanie - I think it would definitely take getting used to as well! But it certainly looks fun.

  3. Yes I have heard of it but there isn't a place close enough for me to try it! I have a feeling it is very similar to aerial dance with silks, which I have done with the modern dance company I used to be in. I loved it, amazing to be flying through the air!!

  4. Wow! Seems soo perfect! Stretching and hanging, I'd love to do something like that, but I guess it's only a fantasy to find such class in Crete..

  5. Wow! I have not heard of anti-gravity yoga before. How fascinating! It might be a little too adventurous for me. I am still trying to master the regular style yoga :)


  6. This is so cool!! It's like flying!


  7. I would love to try antigravity yoga. It looks like so much fun.

  8. AAAHHH!!! I want to do this! Can you imagine how AMAZING the final meditation would be in the cocoon?! I have to find a place in NY/Brooklyn...

  9. There are so many ways of doing yoga these days! My friend is trying to do 30 days of Bikram yoga... I'm a bit scared!

    Andrea x

  10. I got the op to try this out about 6 months ago...by far, the most amazing yoga experience of my life! The feeling during the class is indescribable, and same goes for the post-class invigoration! YOU HAVE TO TRY IT..EVERYONE!

  11. i so need to get back into yoga! i haven't done it in years and i am really starting to need something else in my workout!

  12. I've yet to try this, but looks like a great time. You'll have to let us know how it is!

  13. wao! i would luv too :) Rather than the routine exercise!

  14. Leslie - I think it would be little like flying, fun!

    Eleni - You should do some looking, there might be a class near by!

    Kellie - Ha, i'm totally beginner yoga too, this would be fun to attempt with some girlfriends.

    Isabel - Agreed.

    Miz. November - I think it would be!

    Jamie - Yes, the final part of yoga class would be amazingly relaxing all cozied up!

    Andrea - There are definitely tons of different kinds. I think Vinasya is the one I usually do, not too hardcore but keeps you moving.

    Tanya - Oh yay, that's great! Glad to hear it was so much fun!

    Amy - I'm just starting up again from the spring, it's definitely worth doing again!

    Tamra - Hoping I can find a class near by...

    SreeBindu - It be something different to try out!

  15. Wow! This is impressive to watch. I practice Baron Baptist yoga classes in a heated room ~ the perfect form of exercise :)