white lace...

Yesterday I started writing thank you notes to everyone who came to Rick & I's engagement party and made it through about half (20 of them) before my hand gave out. I don't mind writing them all though, there's something about making sure each person gets their own personal note that I really love. I'm using these pretty Queen Anne's Lace Notecards, as they seem to fit well with Summer and the outdoor party theme we had. I love the pale green and wispy white flowers. Queen Anne's Lace grows like weeds here in Ontario and can be seen anywhere from parks to the side of a busy road. I'm seeing it more and more in wedding bouquets lately, as it gives such a traditional, romantic feeling. It's funny how weeds to some, can be a pretty bouquet of wildflowers to others...

Photos: By JavaJem - Jody McKinley, Chica D58, Richard Wanderman


  1. I love your style and am excited to follow you through your wedding planning. It's so much fun to hear about it!


  2. I just found your blog via your old one and have really enjoyed reading through all your older posts...I'm excited to follow along with this new more personal adventure.
    To me, the most beautiful bouquets are filled with the wild flowers picked straight from the side of the road. Something about their free spirit is often prettier than any flower that's been forced to grow.
    I work in a flower shop and have noticed that brides lately are wanting more natural wildflowers for their weddings. I look forward to seeing what you choose. :)
    Have a wonderful evening ~

  3. I laughed when I came across something on Design Sponge that said that Queen Anne's lace was over a dollar a stem! I have a field full behind the house!

  4. oh I love these blooms and I've been seeing them by the roads and in the sidewalk cracks but I didn't know their names! thanks :)

  5. Jordan - Oh yay, glad you enjoy hearing about it!

    Sarah - Glad you found me here! I totally want more of a wildflower look for the flowers... loose, romantic, and waaaay less structured!

    Miz.November - WHAT? How is that possible? lol... Must not be as popular in the states.

    Sarah - Know you know :)

  6. Those are so pretty right now! I see them everywhere! As a matter of fact I just used them on my party that i decorated. check it out!


  7. Aww, my grandma used to grow Queen Anne's Lace in her garden. Thanks for the sweet reminder!