wedding wednesday {no.2}...

Sorry for the late night post, but this Wedding Wednesday I have a great excuse! After a morning appointment today I went to try on some wedding dresses for the first time with my Mom. We visited two of the city's best stores, where I quickly learned that the styles you don't like on paper actually look very different on. Puffy, princess, mermaid, fitted... I tried them all and had a lot of fun doing so! It's amazing how heavy some dresses are though. I swear I tried one on that weighed about 15 pounds. How does one even move in a dress like that?

Twenty or so styles later I think I found one I really, really adore. There were a few maybe's, but when I thought, "Would Rick like this one?" I really fell in love with it. It was one the saleswoman had taken off the mannequin for me to try on. I saw it immediately when I first walked into the store, but thought, there's no way that style will work on me. Well, it does! And later when my Mom and I had returned home I took a peek through the tear sheets of dresses that i've been saving the past few months, and it turns out I had saved the exact dress and didn't even realize it. Crazy, right? I'm headed back in two weeks to get the "Maid of Honour approval" from my best friend Ashley, and then we'll see... I might have found my dress already! Is it supposed to be this easy? Such a great day...

P.S. "My" dress looks nothing like the one above – can't take any chances with Rick. His detective skills are pretty good, even when he's not intentionally looking for something. You'll have to wait until pics are taken for the details... sorry!


  1. Mine was the second dress I tried on in the first bridal shop I went (I did try some other dresses after that just to be sure, but it was the one)...
    So: yes, it can definitely be that easy ;-)!

  2. Congrats on finding 'your dress' so quickly!!


  3. It may be this easy, because when you find it you know it. And from what you're saying, this just might be IT. How exciting! :)

  4. when it's right....it's right. You'll know it and hopefully every other detail is just as easy for you. :)

  5. Hi Daniella
    I just wanted to say I love your new site! As a fan of your old site I have to admit my heart was in my mouth as I clicked through to the new one (and I thought I liked change!) but I was greeted by a very stylish, welcoming page. You must be really proud of the result!

    As I'm 2 weeks and a day away from my own wedding, I've really enjoyed reading about your wedding dress search etc (I found mine in the first place - love at first sight!) as it has encouraged to re-live my own magical journey! I look forward to following the rest of yours x


  6. ohhhhh YAYYY!! I can't wait to see it :) I'm so curious as to which one you picked!!

  7. Finding THE dress is such a special moment! I will never forget that day.

  8. so exciting!!!! I've been to one place and tried on 4 dresses. they ARE heavy!! I think I'll be looking for a while though... congrats!

  9. Isabel - Yes, my Mom said she only tried on a few dresses as well! When you know, you know I guess! I had tried it on first, but then kept trying on other and then ended up back in that one for like 20 mins, lol, didn't want to take it off!

    Lauren - Thank you!

    Ada - Definitely! It's very exciting.

    Sarah - Everything does seem to be coming together smoothly, it's going well!

    Basil - Oh yay, so glad you like the new site also! And wow, two weeks away? Congrats firstly, that's so exciting. I feel like I have so much time ahead of me, but I bet the Winter will fly by!

    Sandi - YAY indeed! I really want to tell like everyone what it's like, but at the some time I also want it to be a surprise, hahaha... I can't wait though!

    Andi - Yes, it was definitely a great day!

    Kassel - Oh my, aren't they SO heavy? Then you get a light one to try on and it feels like nothing, lol... I tried on about 20 or so dresses. Make sure you try out all the styles!

  10. Yeay! That's so great! KInda funny how easy it is, isn't it?! Are you going to try more on or is this it?! :)


  11. i hope it's that easy! i'm so excited for you and can't wait to see it, even though it's a year away :)

  12. Way to go. Had fun and found the one all in one swing!? It doesn't get much better than that.

  13. Amanda - I think this is it! I could try on more, but i dunno, I really liked this one, and don't want to confuse myself! lol...

    Amy - Yay indeed!

    Andrea - Aw, thank you! Wish I could show people ahead of time, but it's too risky! lol...

    Miz.November - Yes, it was a good day!

  14. Congrats! I am still looking for mine. What a beautiful, beautiful blog!

  15. how exciting darling! wedding dress shopping is truly the most delightful experience!