switching it up...

I'd really love to learn another go-to hairstyle that's quick and easy but looks like I made a little special effort in the morning. Curly hair can be boring at times (i.e. ponytail everyday) and there's rarely pretty tutorials available for those with curls. A braided updo though, could totally work, as i've fallen in love with this "Pretzel Braid" over on A Cup of Jo. Looks easy enough, right?


  1. I know what you mean. I have curly hair too :-)
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. i totally agree with you. i need a new go to (curly) updo as well.

  3. I have long hair and I'm constantly looking for an easy updo that looks chic as well.


  4. A casual pinned up do always looks great it seems!

    Christine - Thanks! Glad you like it :)

  5. Nice!

    I have mid length little bit curly hair and here's my quick updo:

    You need three mid size jaw clips

    1. Divide hair to two like you do with Prezel Braid
    2.Twist one section couple of times and attach it loosely with jaw clip to the occipital
    3. Do the same to the other section
    4. Take the loose loops of hair which are hanging on your neck, lift them over the two clips and attach them with the third clip
    5. Add some pins if needed

    Hope you understood what I ment :)

  6. I hear you on the curly hair rut Daniella! I am heading over to see if I can figure this one out... love the suggestion above! And beautiful new blog, I just love it!

  7. If you find anymore curly dos, I know we'd love to see them. I'm getting bored with my curls as well.