monday morning...

Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend! The wedding I went to on Saturday ran quite late by the time we made it home and i'm thinking it's caught up with me this morning. I would have liked to sleep in a little longer and then enjoy a quiet cup of tea in the sunshine... so hard to wake up lately!

It was a fun evening though, and happy to report the DJ was great. We're so glad we went ahead and booked them. We also met with our officiant on Sunday and booked with him as well. We'd been searching for someone both Rick and I would be comfortable with, as having a stranger marry us seemed a little weird... it's such a big part of the wedding, you know? We ended up going with my friend Sandi's Dad, which works out really well. He's a pastor, but also does non-denominal ceremonies, so we're happy to have found someone we both kind of know. One more thing off the list!

Hope you all have a great week, I have a few exciting things coming up but enough of the wedding talk for today. I promise i'll have some non-wedding posts to follow...

Photos: By slumbering heart, csevenm, both on Flickr


  1. My fiance and I are getting married this Saturday, and our officiant is someone we've known for years. He's willing to do whatever we want, which is awesome! I'm glad you found someone who works for you because you're right - it's a huge part of the wedding. :)

    And congratulations!

  2. I know exactly what you mean... the first things I said to our officiant was a list of everything I didn't want mentioned. We didn't know ours but she turned out to be, as one of my guests put it, "existentialist."
    Talked about love and work and relationships in a very human way.

    And wait... Sandi's dad's a minister?
    That's too cute!

  3. Lindsay Jewell- Oh wow! Congrats first of all, your in the last stretch now, lol. It's great that we can change the ceremony how we like it too, much more personal that way!

    Suite Henry - Yes! Her Dad is, I should check on the "minister" reference, but something to that role, lol... he was great and we can change the wording all around which is awesome...

  4. haha you guys are funny! Yes, he is! He's a family pastor at a church in waterloo, so it's a bit of a different role...but I'm super psyched he'll be doing your wedding!! Yay! :)

  5. Pastor! That's the word... i'll change that now, lol.

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