crisp monday morning...

This morning I woke up to my room filled with sunshine, which proved to be a little misleading after walking outside into crisp, chilly air and a pretty strong wind. The sounds of geese earlier in the morning probably should have tipped me off that Fall is slowly creeping in... I guess they're heading down South early! I don't mind the sudden change in the air though. I don't ever want to wish the Summer away (we really only get so little of it) but Fall brings cozy sweaters and leather boots, apple pie and warm cider, amongst so many other enjoyable activities. September is always a great month for re-evaluating goals and getting a better routine together, at least for me! It must be that "back-to-school" feeling. I'll be starting yoga up again soon, and I really want to get a better breakfast going. Something as simple as granola will do for now... In the meantime though, let's enjoy the warm days yet to come.

What's your favourite end-of-Summer tradition?

Photos: Raychel Sonveeco, Hannah - Honey & Jam (2 & 3), on from Flickr


  1. Loving your new blog!!! You have such wonderful taste. I always looked forward to your post on dress, design, decor and now I am loving this one just as much.

    Thanks for sharing! : )


    Manolos to Asolos

  2. Sarah - Aw, thanks so much! Glad you like it!

  3. I second that. I love your new blog. You curate collectons of photos beautifully. We are nearing the end of winter here in Australia so I am getting the balcony ready for outdoor meals and having a declutter. But then i declutter every season!

  4. So gorgeous, love the shots. It's funny that we are opposites in the weather ... I'm seeing the first signs of spring...I cannot wait for more.

  5. I love getting back outside for post-work walks again. I love cool Fall nights and I can't want for the summer-fall transition days to begin rolling in!

  6. Lubię słoneczne jesienne dni,złoto-brązowe liście,sezon jabłkowy;)chłodne poranki i wieczory...Love Your pictures;)

  7. Yesterday it was quite chilly here in SF and it felt like fall was just around the corner - today it's sunny and 70 degrees . . . you never know with SF. I can't wait for sweaters and scarves.

  8. We only got 2 weeks of sunshine this summer here in Iceland... so I guess it's been autumn for quite a while now!
    What I love most is being able to light candles in the dark again :)

  9. oh man, talk about eye candy! Those photos are stunning! LOVE