bonne maman...

The other day I realized that I might have a minor obsession with Bonne Maman jams after Rick asked me why I have so many jars in the fridge (it might be six jars...). The made-in-France jam has no artificial colourings, additives or preservatives, which makes it all the more enticing, not to mention the adorable branding. Perfect for toast! I came across Bonne Maman at my local gourmet grocer along with their fruit preserves, caramel, and chocolate spread. Once they're empty I plan on keeping the jars as fun little drinking glasses or vases for some wildflowers. Fun, no? Have you tried Bonne Maman before?

Photos: See/Saw, Leslie Thomson, both from Flickr


  1. oh mon dieu!! oui oui!
    the cherry compote sends me into insulin coma....it's all i can do not to eat it straight from the jar....

  2. I have never had it, but it looks absolutely wonderful. It's so hard to find fruit jams with simple ingredients. I peaked at their website, but didn't see a shop. I will have to do some digging around online. Thank you for sharing. I have to get my mitts on a jar.

  3. Why, I in fact use these very jars as drinking cups! I declared Bonne Maman my absolute favorite for years. HOWEVER, this summer, I realized that the per serving sugar content was much higher than Sara Beth's and now flounder between the two brands. Both use only natural ingredients.

    Btw, you'll find that the labels on the Bonne Maman jars come off very easily :). Enjoy.

  4. Hmm, I do not believe I have, but it looks quite delicious :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful new week, Daniella, xx

  5. I too am obsessed about these - even though I don't eat jam! Everything about them seems so perfect from the red and white lids to the cursive labels... Btw I love your blog - I'm a long time reader, this is my first time commenting. ;)

  6. Mmmm - this looks amazing (also, just realised this morning we are officially out of jam!)
    Love the packaging!

  7. Love Bonne Maman, and this is also what I love about France. You go into a basic grocery store there, and there's like 10 varieties of this stuff on the shelf for not a lot of money. But then, there's 5 other brands, with equally beautiful packaging right next to them, and you end up spending 15 minutes starring at a wall of jams!

  8. I have never heard of them but I am such a sucker for pretty packaging (bonus if its contents are drool-worthy as well!)
    I will have to check them out

    ps I just found your blog and I'm smitten

  9. oops, I wasn't done! I didn't realize you had a second one! It's wonderful

  10. I have five jars in my fridge right now - Eric thinks I'm crazy but its so yummy! I use the jars as vases or as leftover containers. I'm glad I'm not the only one addicted :)

  11. I clean my empty Bonne Maman jars for everything from make up brush holders, to vases and drinking glasses - They are a staple in my cabinet!

  12. Katie - Haven't tried the cherry compote yet, but i've had the peach compote with brie cheese!

    Andrea - If you look around specialty gourmet grocers you might be able to find it. Mine are from an italian grocery store.

    Julia - I am definitely going to use mine as little glasses then! lol...

    Sarah - Oh i'm surprised you haven't! You could probably find them where you are in a little gourmet grocer! I just love all the different flavours they have...

    Mei - They are cute aren't they? Thanks for leaving a comment! Glad you've been following along :)

    Sharalee - You should pick up some Bonne Maman then!

    Victoria - Gotta love all that choice! lol

    Jacquelyn - Yes! I've started to write here on Daniella Marie instead, just made the switch last week. Glad you found me!

    Caitlin - Hahaha, that's awesome! Both our guys think we're crazy so we're good, lol.

    AlexandraLay - Oooh used for makeup brushes is a great idea, mine are sitting in a drawer!

  13. I was so glad to see your post on Bonne Maman, I absolutely love it! I used to buy their jams years ago when I lived in Stockholm. I fell in love with the pretty jars and the gorgeous red-and-white checkered lids. I've kept all of them and use them for all sorts of storage: buttons, paper clips and other bits and pieces. Good idea to use them as drinking glasses!
    I looove your blog, I've been following it for a year now! :)
    /Madeleine in Sweden

  14. Une jolie marque fran├žaise.



  15. oh congrats! i cannot wait to follow your new home! simple and beautiful. And I hear you on why you wanted to give dress, design & decor a continuation. I feel that i am missing the same things over at simple blueprint!

    lovely photos.

  16. Madeleine - They are the cutest jars to use for other things eh? Glad you've been following along too, thanks so much!

    Joanna - Thank you! So glad you understand the change, i think it was just time! lol... always love popping by your site too :)

  17. Oh yes I have. Actually, it's embarrassing how many empty jars I have hiding out in my cupboards!

  18. It's the jam I always buy! My cupboards are full of empty jars which I can't bring myself to throw away. We use them as vases for flowers, to hold water while water colouring and to hold beads.

    ps - I love your new site!

  19. It's the only type of jam my boyfriend will eat (he's French).

  20. I love Bonne Maman too. Right now I have the cherry preserves and the wild blueberry jam in the fridge. The blueberry is amazing on fat free ricotta. Have you ever had the rhubarb flavor? I bought some in France and London and it was amazing but haven't found a source yet in the U.S.

  21. Just found your blog! It is wonderful; as is the Bonne Maman jam. It is a popular one in my house. I have tried almost all of them, but am partial to the raspberry and cherry ones. Also, once in awhile you will find one called Four Fruits; it is very good. Have not tried the blueberry. I use my leftover and cleaned jars, too for cotton balls in the bathroom, makeup brushes, anything that might need collecting and looks nice on the shelf!

  22. nkp - they're so hard to let go though, too cute! lol

    islandfairy - they are definitely nice for a little bouquet of wildflowers... glad you like the new site!

    Charmaine - It's so good!

    redbrickbuilding - ooooh rhubarb sounds interesting, i haven't seen that one before!

    hopflower - glad you like the blog! i just bought four fruits a couple of days ago since there was no raspberry, i love it!